Well, done

Can’t help but notice that I haven’t posted in a century or so. Sorry much. Am trying.

Lots of things going on, this side of the screen. I’ve undertaken to produce a new anthology, to benefit author/editor Joe Pulver and his wife, who are having a tough time of things due to illnesses, and that’s going great guns, with a ToC to die for and early days still. We have about 90K of material on hand and every indication that there will be twice that at least.

Nightmares in Yellow, it’s called. The cover will be decorated with work by artist Derek Pegritz, and it should be out in time for Christmas.

The three chapbooks are soon to debut. All three are set in the CRAZYTOWN universe… two of them are part of the book, and one takes place shortly before the events in the book and the short novel THE FORGOTTEN GOD, which is set to appear next spring.

GREEN will be first,

Bone Sequence second,

and the former Pizza story NARANJA SOUL should be out by Hallowe’en.


One response to “Well, done

  1. Dear Moderan,

    In the search for some fair-minded reviewers for my new book, I chanced upon your page. Have you ever posted a book review upon request?
    If you enjoy horror, mysteries, and thrillers, then I have a strong suspicion that you would love to read my new book “Tryst: Based on Actual Events.” Based on real events, this dramatized nonfiction describes the paranormal events experienced by four young men during a transformative period in their lives. What starts as youthful innocence grows darker and more sinister as the question of malicious forces and even trickery emerges.
    This isn’t a non-stop action thriller by any means. Rather it is more of the sort where atmosphere and dread are built gradually. If that sounds interesting to you, I’d love to send you a free copy in return for an honest review on Amazon! Just let me know what type of file to send! Below is the link to the ebook version on Amazon. Apologies for posting this in your blog comments section but I saw no other means for contacting you. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Aaron Eldritch


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