Reviews Confuse, Amuse.

At last count, I have thirty or forty volumes in my to-read or just-read queue, all of which clamor for at least a capsule review. It looks like the “June” portion of my summer vacation is accounted for. I jut don’t think I’m going to have a lot of concentrated reading/writing time until then.

That is to say, I’m busy. I’m apparently trying to become a somebody. I say apparently because it isn’t entirely intentional, and the intentional part isn’t going according to plan.

Ok by me though.

Progress is progress.

On top of the pile are two books to be reviewed for shoggoth,net, cuz Matt and I have a deal about those. And then a book from Crystal Lake Press, and Scott Thomas’ Sea of Ash, which I’ve been trying to get to for quite some time (I’m @halfway through). And I have a volume by John Langan, and one by Bobby Derie, and several Jeffrey Thomases and another Scott Thomas, and the two Falls of Cthulhu and a stack of Best New Horrors and New Cthulhus and the like, all of which need reviewed for cuz Matt and I have a deal, and and and the entire Humanx saga, which I read last year and have been putting together into a sort of megametareview not unlike an entirely incompetent attempt at a thesis or monograph. And the books by Michael Bishop and Michael G. Coney and Bob Shaw need to be spoken of.

And I genuinely, truthfully, want to, mean to, WILL get to all of that.

But my creating stuff out of whole cloth or even shreds has been going so well that I am loath to stem the flow, let alone stop long enough to get others things done.

Conundrum? Nah.


I have two kindles, three computers, and six rooms in this place. Each room or electronic device has at least three works-in-reading-progress going.

It’s a pleasure to read these things, and to get paid in coin of the realm or complimentary copies or both, and I’m definitely not complaining. Just ‘splainin’.

Now I’m off to start something new.


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