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Cthulhu from www.playground.ruIn the water. Things going on. Stuff. I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on buying at least ten copies of the upcoming anthology The Fall of Cthulhu, from Horrified Press. Just sayin’.

It’s a promising book. I could name at least four people who will have work in it.
The idea is that good old Big C somehow doesn’t measure up;he misfires. Hey, it happens to everyone.
The inestimable Doug Draa is the editor. He was with Weird Tales for a bit, and I think served as an officer in the HWA. Doug also has the ubercool blog Uncle Doug’s Bunker of Vintage Horror Paperbacks, which is where I first encountered him.
Very much a book to look forward to. It may or may not contain a small piece called Pnakotic Reaction, which may or may not be the product of endless hours of research (read: sitting around reading horror books and the results of googling) and draw upon a certain character from The Horror In the Museum and a certain Messenger of the Great Old Ones as principal characters.
Just sayin’.

If you’re in a listening mood, you could click “Reflections on Polished Steel” and hear an update of a song I originally posted to AcidPlanet some years ago, as part of the penultimate AE Artbomb. I removed most of the midi-derived parts and substituted guitar, bass, string, and piano parts through the magic of Jamorigin.

There are several more stories floating around out there, and my first ebook Before Crazytown is still available. The next book is reported to be “Abed”, which is the chronicle of a time I spent in the hospital and in a convalescent center, after surviving Ards.