Oxygen Man Books

Breathe easy now.

Oxygen Man Books has already issued our first volume, Damnit Carl! and other Hallowe’en Treats, to the sound of muted trumpets.


Our next book, A Walk In A Darker Wood, is even now being assembled after a successful Kickstarter headed by Sarah Walker, who is part of the OM team.Nightmares_in_Yellow_cover_1_-_front_600x900The next book is the anthology Nightmares in Yellow, a tribute to the late Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., the proceeds from which will benefit the author’s estate and surviving spouse, the fabulous Katrin. It’ll be a two-volume set, with art by Russell Smeaton and Derek Pegritz, and nearly 450K of new and reprinted fiction, remembrances, and testimonials. The Kickstarter for expenses will take place in early September.

We have some exciting things coming. Stay tuned.