Halloween greetings and solicitations

Well, 2022 is continuing on. It almost did for me as I caught the COVID earlier in the year and went on the vent for a bit, but I recovered (almost completely). Still have the usual health complaints (I do have long-term COVID symptoms) and I’m due for glaucoma testing next month. Hooray.

Sadly, while I didn’t pass, my micropress imprint Oxygen Man Books did, as the NIY anthology succumbed to bad health and rising distribution costs. It wasn’t pretty and cost me plenty. The Kickstarter people didn’t get anything back, which I regret. Costs got out of control.

Publishing is hard. I’m going to stick to my own material, thank you, which is much cheaper to obtain and process, and maybe spread the baseball writing around a little.

Am now 61 — my pop and grandpop both passed at 62. I need to pass that by.

Happy Halloween!


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