Broken Badly?

infusedGreen tea, green tea, and the middle of the last season of Breaking Bad is my prescription for body aches and focusless anxiety.
Seems to be working. I’m not sleepy, am more or less tuned in to the program. I had drifted away for most of a season…only my desire to see the whole run kept me going, honestly. It ‘is’ a great tv show, as good in its way as MASH or The X-Files or the Sopranos, three of my past favorites, and hasn’t gotten a chance to get dated yet.
I know that Vince Gilligan intended all of the characters to be unlikable, and to have the story be compelling as hell to involve the audience. Sometimes this conceit works too well, and audience manipulation (at least to this audience member) ceases.
And I know and acknowledge that I should be loving that. It’s a tremendous achievement.
But binging is hard for me. I bet I couldn’t watch MASH sequentially. I made it through seven seasons of the X-Files, six of SVU. And I was/am invested in those characters — those shows mean something to me — they are signposts along this treadmill toward tomorrow.

I’m not invested, and I feel like I should be. I’m sure that if I were an industry pro, I’d notice all of the effective touches and be better able to salute the proceedings. But I’m not, and it’s engaging my inner editor, making me look at it critically rather than simply enjoy it, which I prefer to do with anything the first time.
Some sort of interruptive mechanism based on sky-high expectations, maybe. Much hype. I read all about it before even putting it in my queue at beautiful downtown Netflix.
But it isn’t at all bad. The windup is in sight, and the narrative is involving enough, if a little sudsy. I have Better Call Saul in my queue, too, but I’m probably not going to watch it right away.
Maybe something less intense. I can switch hosts and look at Ray Bradbury Theater or Route 66, both of which have almost made me click them. Meth is omnipresent where I live. I’d just as soon not dwell on that for a bit.
Martin Milner and George Maharis, yeah. There have to be a couple of dozen episodes that will be new to me. I saw a lot of the series on the old Nickelodean, back when they had good shows on. Like late 70s, early 80s.  It’s on a couple of the oldsters networks but I want to see it sequentially, so I avoid it. I’ve already watched The Naked City and Peter Gunn over the last couple of years.
Tabby kitten Tyke says hi. He’s watching the show with me. My column Cub Tracks appeared today, as it does every Thursday. Feel free to give it a spin.


Thanks for reading.

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