Drilling a little deeper down

Exploring the cord-cutting experience a little more:
The Sling Channel…a caveat. Your seven-day trial starts the moment you open it. Explore online first. I got a surprise 39.98 charge today. I mulled calling to bitch about that, but I’m gonna let it ride and check it out for a month. I’ve already changed the lineup some so I get more of the stuff I actually watch for five bucks less…if I’m not pleased I’ll explore DirecTv Now next month (it has my precious MLB Network and none of those wonderful two-year contracts that DTV is so notorious for).
All of the horror channels have the same movies, give or take one or two. But there’s no penalty for keeping them in the event that they have something that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Shudder (or ScreamBox — I’m trying that, maybe, next month. I wouldn’t mind keeping both if they have enough unique content, at 3.00/month each) don’t have. Same for the other ‘category’ channels. They all have the same four commercials repeated endlessly…
The good thing is that, combined with over-the-air channels, I can duplicate and even slightly better my previous cable-tv lineup, for slightly more than half the price. I’ll be cutting the cord for good in February, and I’ll use the some of savings generated during January to pick up two digital antennae.
Some really good channels though — The Pluto TV channel is nice, an aggregator and repository in one. It has a varied list of television channels and also movies and tv in a library. It has commercials but they’re unique and so is a lot of the content. It’s also available as an app for most other streaming utilities.
Good too are PopcornFlix, familiar from the app, the Kanopy channel, which is fueled by the public library, and the DocuRama channel.
And YouTube…which is probably the most useful of them all. I’ve been updating my YouTube channel…putting up one song a week. I’ll talk about that next time.
Here’s a sample:

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