It never rains

But it pours. Man it pours.

The new book Test Patterns is out and doing well. My kitten Edgar is not doing well. I’ll share the urls to both campaigns…first the kitty.

Edgar has a congenital deformity and does not breathe easily or well. We’ve almost lost him before…he’s undersized, under-developed, and has low resistance to any illness that’s about. But he’s the doughtiest warrior, cheerful and affectionate at the worst of times.

That how we know he’s sick…well, plus the panting and lassitude, which is so unlike him. There’s no money for the vet or for continued treatment of for even bringing his ashes home if he should pass, so we’ve started a GoFundMe.


The anthology:
Test Patterns is available in paperback and mobi. It’s currently #68 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Horror > Anthologies

It’s been as high as 26. We’d like to see more of that please.

Here’s what some people have had to say:






Thanks for reading!



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