Again and again

logoI’m trying once again to get myself to blog more often. I don’t know why I don’t…I write every day, copiously. This time I’m planning/hoping to write here every day that my “column” doesn’t appear. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

It isn’t like there is a lack of things to write about. So…I’ll give it a try.

Progress report: The Cub Tracks thing seems to be going well. People comment on the posts, nobody yells at me, I’m allowed to continue doing it. Those are definite pluses in my world. The link is to the most recent article as of this posting.

By week’s end, I’ll have stories for several markets out. I’m sitting on a couple, and polishing a third. One’s for an anthology (The “forgotten god” story), two are for ezines. I have a couple more nearing completion, one of which will debut on these pages.

I have a long poem going — egged on by Ashley Dioses and K. A. Opperman, I have turned my pen to poesy (literally, as I’m writing it in longhand on a legal pad). It’s a very dark piece set in my little corner of Mythos-land.

And finally, there is music in the pipeline. I have four tracks near their debuts-all are related pieces relating to the jazz roots of heavy metal and to the King in Yellow, inspired after a fashion by Joe Pulver. Two pieces are straight-up jazz, two are rock. I just released an Xmas tune, something I might do annually. Here it is:

On other fronts…I’ve been reading Damon Knight’s In Search of Wonder. I find that I disagree with Knight fairly often, but he has good reasons for most of his takes. The Heinlein-love gets to be a little much, and Asimov’s Nightfall is so full of anachronism that my head swims. But it’s a captivating read nonetheless. More after I’ve finished.

Two reviews will be heading to, and one more will be tabled for the nonce, waiting for a venue. That last is a look at a movie about Dok Ellis and his famous psychedelic pitching experience.

Hah. But enough about me.
My friend Sean Hoade had a successful Kickstarter and may not have to find a job for a while. That’s very cool. Good luck to Sean.

Windows 10 works pretty well.

No Cubs trades so far today. Joe Maddon is on MLBN right now.

I’ll be back Wednesday. I’ll try to make it be about something.




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