In terms of interpersonal communication, it would be strange indeed if I came from any other point of view. This would basically be because I AM an old white guy.

Moreover, I pretty much live in a bubble. More than most. I have respiratory issues, and I don’t get out much, because that means carrying tanks around and time limits and other gentle reminders that I’m different.

The trend these days is to blame old white guys for everything. It doesn’t matter whether we have or don’t have the power to affect any of the things that are our “responsibility”, just that we’re white, and old, and our kind have dominated North American society for far too long, and ruled with too heavy of a hand, or something like that.

I can’t keep straight all the things that I’m blamed for that aren’t my doing. I don’t really want to. Why would I?

Got real things to worry about, far more important than whether or not I want to apply the “word” cis to my person.

I know, I know, I wrote a bit about the Hugo Awards, and that has aught to do with this, I suppose, slidewise. Cuz those guys kinda, on the face of it, or at least judging by their initial “arguments”, espoused the same pov. The stodgy old white dude that wants things a certain way thing.

But whatever. That way lies conservatism, and I loathe that personally and politically. My bubble is transparent–I can see out, and others can see in. But it rains outside the bubble when people piss in the wind.

But RACE. Race is BAD. Old white guys are the problem. All of us. It’s congenital, doncha know.

Excellent, analysis, I say.

…and the crickets agree.

Working on Letters from Outside today. Still looks good for May Day debut. Backend functions properly, just have to copy and paste the formatted stuff.

Looking forward to being done with that part of it.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Fall of Cthulhu. Thanks for reading.the Fall of Cthulhu

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