The Spring of Cthulhu

Me and my booksToday I received copies of the first Cthulhu Mythos story I had published in fourteen years, namely Pnakotic Reaction in the excellent Fall of Cthulhu, edited by Douglas Draa.
I was pleased as punch, even after I discovered (oh noesssss) a couple of formatting errors (mine).
It happens.
I got the book(s) at @4:45. It’s 8:15 pm, and I’ve already read the whole thing.
Must say, you should have a copy. Very very good anthology. My piece, the third-to-last, is followed by a terrific poem by Frederick J. Mayer. The leadoff hitter is Wilum Pugmire.

Sweet. The last piece I had published under my byline was Parchment, in Dark Legacy, edited by Ran Cartwright and Ron Shiflet. That got expanded to 8k words and is now called Ink, and will be in Crazytown. Parchment is already in before Crazytown, which is just about to head to Amazon and (hopefully) a wider audience, after moving at the rate of a hundred or so per month while at Smashwords.

Maybe one day I’ll get a review. Heh. Then a positive one. Heh heh.
I’ve also uploaded several pieces to my newish YouTube channel, and will be adding many more in the near future, starting with those songs that have literary inspirations.

I’ve sold three other Mythos pieces, but they’re not yet slated to appear. More are on the way, one of which is a collaborative effort with a well-known and much-lauded poet and author.

Tomorrow, more words about that, and some other irons in the fire.


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