The Thirty Best Sf Novels of all time, according to me

Inspired by this not-so good list.

I could load a heap of pretty pictures and make everything all linky but you know what to do if you want one of these books. Please feel free to exchange lists, excoriate me, sneer derisively, or high-five, depending on your preference and orientation.

These are not necessarily in order. I’m allowing only one book per author.

1. Stand On Zanzibar-John Brunner (edges out The Sheep Look Up)

2. The Mote in God’s Eye-Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

3. War With The Newts-Karel Capek

4. A Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess

5. Dune-Frank Herbert

6. Neuromancer-William Gibson

7. Man Plus-Frederik Pohl

8. Dying Inside-Robert Silverberg

9. The Forever War-Joe Haldeman

10. Lord of Light-Roger Zelazny

11. The Gods Themselves-Isaac Asimov

12. Norstrilia-Cordwainer Smith

13. The Witches of Karres-James H. Schmitz

14. The Great Explosion-Eric Frank Russell (edges out WASP)

13. Light of Other Days-Bob Shaw (edges out Orbitsville)

14. The Man Who Sold The Moon-Robert A. Heinlein

15. Fire Time-Poul Anderson (edges out Brain Wave)

16. When HARLIE Was One-David Gerrold

17. Flowers for Algernon-Daniel Keyes

18. Hothouse-Brian Aldiss

19. The Crystal World-JG Ballard

20. More Than Human-Theodore Sturgeon

21. Childhood’s End-Arthur C Clarke

22. Blood Music-Greg Bear

23. Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus-Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

24. Journey to the Center of the Earth-Jules Verne

25. War of the Worlds-HG Wells

26. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang-Kate Wilhelm

27. Rogue Moon-Algis Budrys

28. Breakfast of Champions-Kurt Vonnegut

29. The Female Man-Joanna Russ

30. The Left Hand of Darkness-Ursula K. LeGuin





2 responses to “The Thirty Best Sf Novels of all time, according to me

  1. Nice list although I’d have to vote Ringworld or even Lucifer’s Hammer for Niven’s entry. Also hard to bypass The Foundation Trilogy for Asimov’s entry although I admit it’s a challenging read. Good to see Shelley and Vonnegut.


  2. I bypassed “Foundation” because it has the same sort of recurrent anachronisms that Asimov salts most of his sf with. The Robot series is superior, imo, anyway. Ringworld just missed.
    There are ten or so seminal novels/collections that I left off.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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