It goes to eleven

“Those of you who have followed my musical postings for a while will understand that I am completely jazzed about becoming eleventh on the Reverbnation Rock chart in Tucson,” he says drily. “It is kinda cool to be recognized for something, even if it is pitiful.”

Talk about mixed emotions. Anyway, it’s true. After a mini-ad-campaign featuring my version of Carol of the Bells, my “band” climbed up the heap of Tucsonan rockers and made it to eleven. That was Sunday. Actually made it to nine briefly…I’ve been resting between twenty and fourteen for a couple of months, which tells me that there’s not much activity there.
Which explains why I “climbed up”. There’s no there there, and that’s the pitiful part.
The song is pretty good, I think. I spliced two different versions together to make a more interesting sequence, and then ran a rhythm section under and a heap of guitars over and around. You can listen via the link in the tune title above.

Heh. I was afraid to try it, because Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but I think I found a comfortable pocket, especially during the last two-thirds of the track.

In other news, I’m just about to release a second eBook, namely Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth. I’m mulling over blurbs presently, and trying to select a cover. The slam-bang climax will interest people who have read part of the thing before, though this is a rewrite and not a revision. I had to cut so much extraneous material that I had a short story when I was done. So I put some new extraneous material in its place. 🙂

Next month will my my side of the “abed” story, up until I leave the hospital. (The convalescent center was such a different experience that I’ll release those separately. My wife’s blogposts will be a third, and I’m not sure if I’ll do something to tie it all up or not.)
Fun. I’m feeling much better these days. I’m down to 228 pounds from 281 seven or eight months ago. Still have a big paunch but I’m not as active as I once was. Can’t be. No sugar, no beer or booze, limit the carbs. I’ll likely end up at 160 or so. That was my weight through high school and college.

I went through (am going through) some physical therapy for the pain in my right shoulder, and that has worked spectacularly. Two sets of the exercises every day, and I’m good. I try to remember to take walks or at least move up and down stairs a lot, and that’s helping too. A few days ago I took the girl to Fry’s and back, didn’t get winded until just about the end of the trip. Maybe four miles, including all of the walking round and round the store looking at this and that because the girl has birthday money.

Not so bad.

Songs. I got a million of em. Have a listen.

My ebook.

 before Crazytown
Thanks for coming. Argue with me below.


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