The Information Age

So what’s the use of a children’s show like Mike the Knight, which is the opposite of educational? It’s about continuing misperceptions and setting up false expectations on the part of children. Most cartoons do that anyway-they dress everything up as shiny and fastpaced and then reality sets in and the children are disappointed. Why not just tell the the truth in the first place?
I have an eight-year-old girl here who isn’t interested in anything except for tv, netflix, and going to the pool-because that’s all she’s ever known. The electronic babysitter is no substitute for actual attention…but they get used to it pretty damn quickly because it doesn’t disappoint them, and get to preferring it to the one-on-one attention that is often doled out so grudgingly.
This gave me a sad before I had to confront it face-to-face. Now I have to deal with it, and the only solution I can see right now is trimming the amount of time spent with the tube, day by day, and conditioning in that manner.

Back to Mike the Knight…it has dragons, trolls, animals that respond to whole conversations, and other apocrypha. At no point is it made clear to the viewer that this is fantasy.

The child I’m raising believes this rot to be real history. She’s going to be bored as hell by actual historical information. She’s going to get and assimilate that information anyway if I have to create the means myself…but the process isn’t made easier by supposedly well-meaning individuals purveying dubious educational programming..

Not much different than the run of television programming, which is rife with the same sort of errata and disinformation.

And I find that many people don’t want to know differently. Probably haven’t through all of the (LOL) six thousand years of Terran history..

I mean, people still believe in that sort of abject nonsense, or that there’s some egomaniacal superbeing responsible for our existence. I can dig the sort of casual superstition that leads, say, a baseball player to believe in lucky socks, or a hockey player growing a playoff beard. But I think we as a society need to curb the promulgation of organized superstition and the spreading of ignorance asap, or we’re doomed.

Your mileage may differ.


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