Plugging away

I haven’t yet gotten around to installing the printer cartridges or setting up the new scanner, so I can’t show you yet, but I’ve gotten the first of the character sketches for the webcomic done, and I like the look of them so far. Since my skills as an artist are not exactly what you”d call well-honed, I’m planning to grow into the thing.
Otherwise, things were a little rough around the edges for me yesterday. I experienced a lot of fail, especially concerning electrical outlets and things plugged in to them. I failed to plug a lot of stuff in. I’ve been forgetting to mend the cords for my drill and for the third phone, and that lack shows up from time to time, like when I was planning to hang the accordion-fold clothes hanger thing earlier today during a random spurt of want-to-do-something.
Fail. During the short period of self-berating that resulted from this fail, the phone rang. It was someone who utterly failed to say anything at all. I allowed some time for speech to occur, but it never did, even after I asked the party on the other end very politely to state their business.
More fail. I hung up, feeling frustrated by that and by the rubber hose that depends from my nose snagging on things, and went to take a nap.
That rubber hose, boy. It’s a lot of fail. Aggravating as hell. I feel like a tetherball. But I have to have it. Not quite as bad as the feeder tube that I had in the hospital, but in the same ballpark of bothersome at times. I wish there was a wireless oxygen feeder. I have tanks, but they only last a short time, and I can’t exert myself much at all, less when I don’t have an oxygen feed.
So I’m gaining weight, which is aggravating too. I can’t work it off. I eat once, maybe twice a day. The stuff I eat isn’t horrible-bad as far as calories go. A little on the high side. I like burgers and hot dogs and things, but mostly what I eat are american cheese sandwiches on white bread and tortilla chips. We have a shared meal, which is usually something kindasorta healthy with veggies on the plate, but I live on those cheese sandwiches and the cold water we keep in the fridge.
So I got up from my nap and, you guessed it, made a cheese sandwich while I pulled the items for the night’s dinner together. It was a sweet pork tenderloin sliced up and marinated in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, spices, and water, with some Bush’s beans and grilled potato wedges (the previous night I experienced potato fail when I mistakenlu used sweetened condensed milk in my potato mix instead of the evaporated milk from the shelf immediately above the sweet stuff. D did NOT like that very much).
I was gonna take pics and post the recipe and all that, but the camera’s battery was low, because I forgot to plug it in and charge it up.
More fail.
At least dinner tonight wasn’t a fail. A friend of my lady’s visited and we checked out a local Mexican restaurant, La Parrilla Suiza. Tasty stuff. Good to meet K.

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