mach schau!

I’m proceeding with a bunch of behind-the-scenes sort of activities, since I was able to get my webspace transferred and am discovering new features that my old webhost didn’t have. It’s quite likely that in the future I’ll crosspost blog entries between this space, my wordpress blog, and my weblog at Planet Moderan, which is still under construction.
In fact the whole Planet is under construction. I have a mess of stuff planned, and am devising new fun while I implement the present set of ideas.
This while I continue down the nano path. NaNoWriMo countup is now @5800. I’ve finished the first chapter/story and part of the second, with the rest plotted out, just waiting for me to return to it.

All of that despite the fact that I’m sleeping poorly and am really enervated. I can’t get to sleep at night at all any more and crawl into the bed at daybreak, hoping to pass out from exhaustion. Then I either toss and turn for an hour or so and get back up until Morpheus starts talking shit about me again or wake up after a couple of hours, unrefreshed.
Might as well do something with the time. But it takes real effort to be coherent.

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